PSY 5738 Internship in Counseling Psychology I

The first of two semesters of supervised internship in counseling psychology designed to integrate theoretical understanding with direct, hands-on exposure to practice. Fieldwork experience serves to provide practice of counseling psychology skills in an applied setting under the supervision of an experienced practitioner. Learners must accumulate a minimum of 300 hours of Internship I (to meet the minimum requirement for the Program's 600 hour total internship hours*) at a site approved by the faculty in order to complete this requirement. All aspects of psychological practice - appraisal, therapeutic intervention, and consultation -are addressed in the internship experience. Both a site-based supervisor and faculty advisor monitor the activity of the learner throughout the internship process to ensure that all internship activities are appropriate to this field of psychology. The advisor and field (site-based) supervisor formally evaluate the progress of individual learners.