PSY 5620 Abnormal Psychology

Focuses on psychopathology and includes studies of the etiology and categorization of psychopathology; historical, sociopolitical, cultural, behavioral and epidemiological approaches to the systematic description of psychological disorders; use of the DSM-IV-TR in differential diagnosis; potential alternatives to the existing system; and the roles of assessment, treatment planning and intervention for psychological disorders. Learners will identify and articulate the ethical issues related to the diagnosis and treatment of abnormal behavior and mental illness, and will demonstrate knowledge of the major diagnostic categories including current theories related to the development of the disorders and commonly used treatment strategies. Learners will also explore the various emotional disorders and reactions to stress such as anxiety disorders, somatoform and dissociative disorders, affective disorders, and the schizophrenias and related psychotic disorders. Course materials will also facilitate the various disorders related to social mal-development such as personality disorders and sociopathy, substance abuse disorders, eating disorders, and sexual and gender identity disorders.