NUR 2540 Introduction to Professional Nursing

Introduces the components of the organizing framework of the nursing major. Various theories, e. g., health-illness continuum, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, developmental, communication, and crisis, are presented and discussed as they relate to individual systems (client, family, community). Explores the history, definition, philosophy, and role of professional nursing. The role of the professional nurse is identified as keeping the client system stable by intervening at primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention levels. Environmental forces, e. g., socioeconomic and cultural, that impact on nursing practice are presented. Selected ethical and legal aspects of nursing practice are identified. The laboratory experience introduces computational concepts required for professional nursing practice. Concepts include (but are not limited to) systems conversion, ratio and proportion, dosage calculations, and intravenous calculations supported with a computerized assisted learning program. PRE-REQUISITE(S): BIO1200, BIO1210, BIO1300; PSY1401; SOC1100; ENG1100; ENG1202 and CHE1210 may be taken concurrently.